Our Governing Instrument


TEN4THEM 1/2/2016


1. Objects

The charity is set up to assist the homeless in NSW, Australia. Primarily to provide a soft surface of a mat for them to sleep on. Secondly, other essentials of living such as food. This charity is set up due to humans natural responsibility to help those in need, and the command from the Holy Bible drawn from the religion Christianity, that is to , “Love your neighbor as yourself”, Mark 12:31 NIV.

Ten4Them exists to empower the homeless through relationship and necessities of life. Primarily enabling the homeless to sleep on a soft, clean surface that is not the floor.

2. Powers

Ten4Them will accomplish it’s mission by sourcing funds to use for enabling the homeless to live a better life. These funds and exercise’s of powers are accessible to each member of the governing body.
Some of these sources will include:

- Fundraising
- Business sponsorship
- Donations
- Capital of the governing body’s members

3. Governing Body and/or Directors

The directors that run the governing body for Ten4Them are responsible for acting in the charities best intentions aligned with it’s mission and objects stated in clause 1. The number of directors needed is to be determined by the current directors, but the number always has to be at least 2 people, non-related by blood.

The duties of the directors is to accomplish the mission stated in clause 1. The separate duties may differ in terms of the independent skills of each person. In terms of power, all directors are equal. Therefore each director can if they choose, complete a task needed to accomplish the mission and objects in clause 1.

However in terms of the two founding members Jonathan Tan and Isaac Wright, if directors at the time this implies, at least one of these persons upon discussion have an obligation to sign or approve any financial purchases, movements from bank accounts or on-going income for the mission stated in clause 1. If at least one of these persons have not orally or by written permission approved such a exercise. The exercise is not to be exercised and is not an official credible act if done so. If at least one of the two founding directors are not present as a director, upon discussion a new co-founder or temporary co-founder will be allocated to take their position/positions.

Directors are to have a meeting to discuss the charity at least once every 3 months. Directors also have the responsibility for choosing, allowing and resolving members.

a) Becoming a director
To become a director, a recorded expression of interest is needed. Upon which all current directors will hold an interview to determine if the applicant is aligned with the objects and mission stated in clause 1. Additionally, the directors will decide if the applicant is needed at all in terms of numbers for the governing body.

TEN4THEM 1/2/2016

b) Cessation of a director
To leave the governing body, a recorded expression of leave is needed for the other directors to see. A meeting will be held to determine the reasons of leave and a written recognition of service is to be given to the director leaving.

4. Members

Members are not directors. Members are though, like directors, volunteers. Members have no direct obligation of duties such as directors might upon their discernment. However members are required to act in the best interest of the charity according to the objects and mission in clause 1. Members may play, upon all the directors decision, a role in promoting and/or acquiring funds for the mission quoted in clause 1.

a) Becoming a member
To become a member a written (digital or hard copy) expression of interest is to be sent to at least two of the directors. Upon which at least two directors must agree for his/her membership. Once a member, the person may be displayed on the internet and associated with Ten4Them and it’s mission stated in clause 1.

b) Cessation of a member
A member may leave at any time upon written notification of at least two directors, a reason/ reasons of leave must also be included in the written notification. A member may also be resolved/ concluded upon the directors agreement. All directors must agree to resolve a member. This may be due to inappropriate behaviour in terms of the mission stated in clause 1. Or may be in terms of the member having an unwilling attitude to attempt to promote and/or acquire funds for the charity. This unwilling attitude can be addressed three times until cessation is acted on. Two directors must give these ‘warnings’.

5. Altering the governing instrument

Upon all the directors agreement, if needed, this governing instrument and mission may be changed/amended. If done so, an updated copy must take the place of the old copy so that members and the general public do not get confused. The directors authorised to make any changes upon all the directors agreement are the founders mentioned in clause 3.

6. Financial

The funds for Ten4Them are to the best of the directors ability, centralised into one bank account. The person authorised to log in/out and access this account is one of the founders Isaac Wright. However at least once a year, the account and financial happenings have to be presented to all directors in a meeting.

Isaac Wright has authority to delegate another person or persons to have/use the account upon all of the directors agreement. Up to Isaac Wright’s digression, This may as an example be an accountant or other director. As stated in clause 3, at least one of the founding members, only have the authority to approve the movement of funds, purchases or on-going income. This authority can be oral or written. It is the two founding directors responsibility to show or tell other directors any financial information about Ten4Them at any time for transparency and accountability.

TEN4THEM 1/2/2016

7. Complaints and disputes

Complaints and disputes can arise from either the directors, members or the general public. The complaint/dispute is to be put in writing and given to the directors. All the directors are to hold a meeting at a time of their discernment, to discuss further action on the complaint/dispute. The directors all have to come to agreement upon the conclusion/result of the complaint/dispute. If all directors do not, a third party arbitration is needed from an alike non for profit charity in NSW Australia, chosen by the directors. Their word is final.

If the issuer/issuer’s of the complaint/dispute is not happy with the result, The issuer may make another complaint/dispute. However this time the written complaint/dispute must be seconded by a non-relative, non-collogue of the issuer. If the issuer is still unhappy they are free to make the complaint in the public domain and acquire more recorded seconders. Once the amount of seconders are at 25 or above, the complaint/dispute must be resolved from a third party alike charity/NFP organisation in NSW Australia.

8. Dissolution

If Ten4Them is to be ‘wound up’, the directors all have to come to an agreement and have a written document as to why and when this will occur. Linked quorums such as a website also have to be adjusted to make sure the general public are aware of it’s cessation.

The assets, in terms of financial funds are to be donated to a registered Australian charity if there are financial assets available. Physical assets are to be given to homeless or kept by the directors for use to better someones life.